Buy With Confidence

At BrandName Real Estate, we make the buying experience seamless and streamlined.
Realtors who work for 100% Commission Real Estate companies are, on average more experienced than other companies who focus on training brand new agents.

Our process helps make your buying experience a pleasant one.

First, we offer you a mobile app which enables you to search the actual MLS for homes that are for sale in your area of interest.
This is CURRENT and ACTUAL information versus old and outdated info/guesses found on other sites.

Next, we offer to help you get PRE-APPPROVED with a lender to finance your new home which enables you to negotiate better pricing
and terms than other purchasers who have only been prequalified.
To learn more about this process, Click here

In today’s vibrant real estate market, it is more important than ever to give yourself an advantage over other potential purchasers.
Imagine the advantages of being able to negotiate with the Seller as a CASH Buyer! We can help you do that!
Begin the Pre-APPROVAL process by clicking the link below and then Shop with Confidence for your next home.

Your Mortgage At Your Fingertips.

Easier. Faster. Better. That's the Movement Easy App.
You can apply for a home loan with a few taps on your phone or clicks on your computer through a safe, simple program that just makes sense.

Sterling Mortgage Sterling Mortgage aims to give you Upfront Underwriting within 6 hours* and, if qualified, allows you to start shopping with no contract necessary. Search with confidence and enjoy powerful negotiating leverage in the most competitive situations out there.

  • Get Upfront Underwriting before you’ve found a property you love
  • We strive to make your offer stand out above the competition’s
  • Our process can reduce stress during the loan process
  • We strive to meet our 7 Day Processing goal to get your loan processed in time